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Boston Sports Beat will provide you with the latest’s news, announcements, and rumors concerning your favorite Boston sport’s teams.  A born and bred Bostonian myself, I know the passion and fire that each and every sports fan holds in this town.  It is our mission and passion at Boston Sports Beat to provide users with a sports forum that feeds the needs of every Boston Sports fan.  You’ll get our takes on the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins; and we want your opinion as well.  We thrive off your feed back, and encourage you to stir the pot by leaving your comments.  Consider this your “interactive newspaper”  of the 21st Century.  The reader drives the content, and we will do our best to satisfy all your sports cravings.

– Matthew DeBarros


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  1. Norman Sybert says:

    Good luck in School. When I was in College at UMass Lowell we played Quinnipiac in Basketball Dec 1971 ?. We lost by 25+ .

    Your uncle Tom G referred me to the site

  2. Derek says:

    Hey may like the blog man good stuff I am trying to get into sports writing and sports talk radio myself maybe we can exchange some ideas

  3. David Boston says:


    I read with interest your article about Ted Williams, in particular the incident involving his crash landing while in the Korean War. As a matter of fact, I have some information for you about that incident. You see, I am a former Marine and a retired Deputy Chief of Police from Bridgeport Connecticut. I once met Ted Williams, and had the opportunity to shake his hand. He said to me, “What a mitt, referring to my handshake, do you play baseball. no I remarked. I met him at an event that I used to Attend; it was the FBI-Marine Corps Association at Camp Smith in New York, Ted being a Former Marine would attend each year.

    Getting back to my original point about his air accident in korea: And this I’m sure you will find amazing, while Ted was speaking at the event one year he asked if there were any police from Bridgeport Ct., there, and did we know Art Buccanan, because, Ted said, Art had saved his life during the Korean War. He asked us if we could get in touch with him because he would sure like to see him again. Well we did, because Art (Captain Buc Bucannan ) was still on the job. We asked him about saving Ted Williams life, and he said: Oh he told you that! Then he related what had occurred in the war. He said Ted was coming in for a landing and had engine trouble, he landed in the bay. Buc took his team and rowed out the the plane in a dingy, they fished Ted out of the Water. I knew Buc for over twenty years and he never mentioned that he had saved Ted Williams Life to me or anyone.

    The next year we went back to the meeting at Camp Smith, and Buck came with us. Ted was there, the two of them met up again. They went over to a bench sat down and just talked for a while. Later I got Ted Williams Autograph, along with the Marine Comendants, both on a place mat with the image of the Iwo Jima flag raising on it. Sad to say, but Buc Also passed away about two years ago.

    Dave Boston.

  4. hoottebon says:

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